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Govt. & Private Tenders Information Bureau (GAPTIB) was the first agency established in India, in the year 1964 by its founder Late Shri D N Gupta , to provide the information related to the different tenders published for Govt. and Private sectors. GAPTIB is an agency running from three generations, hence organization has an experienced edge over others. The agency is providing the tender information, in a best compiled domain, so that our clients get the best business opportunities and draw their strategy in time.

GAPTIB is providing the tender related information to all its clients, situated in different parts of India. We are collecting the information from all leading newspapers published in India (available in Delhi) in English, Hindi  as well as published in a few local languages.   GAPTIB's   experience  of  more  than  47 years with necessary technical and business skills to handle large volumes of tender information has comprehensive database of the items/category of tenders.

GAPTIB objective is to provide cost effective, efficient, wide coverage of tender’s information to its clients, so that the clients have an edge over its competitors and improve the marketing strategy and opportunities at one destination.

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Contact  PersonMr. Atul Gupta.
Phone:-(011) 45643723, 23273658, 23261362, 24504476
Fax No:- 011-23259057
Mob: - +919818864797

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GAPTIB is FOUNDER  Estd. 1964